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Trade tensions and superfine wool glut to push down prices - 18/09/19
The national commodity forecaster, ABARES, is tipping an average EMI of 1435c a kg in 2019-20. Read On
Wool bounces to record price rise - 17/09/19
Wool prices took their biggest ever leap last week but will the rise be sustained if more wool flows onto the market. Read On
Wool prices jump with small offerings - 17/09/19
At the end of a frenetic day 130 cents a kilogram had been added to the EMI price in a single day's trading. Read On
How do you make a robot dairy farm self-sufficient? - 18/09/19
This prototype energy plant is making sure nothing is wasted. Read On
Snap your best livestock selfie to win - 18/09/19
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Supply chain the key to market challenges - 18/09/19
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