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Return to Merino pays off at Beacon - 19/10/18
Jeff Munns, Beacon, has done what many a former mixed farmer turned cropper wishes they could do too because of high wool prices over the past 12 months. Read On
Forecast is for wool to remain buoyant - 18/10/18
Wool yields are down about 2. Read On
Sharp fall for Australian wool prices - 17/10/18
As Australian wool prices experience a sharp fall in recent weeks, wool exports take a tumble on the back of the nation’s supply drought. Read On
White Suffolk pair tops $1400 at Albany - 24/10/18
Vendors set themselves for a challenging Albany Prime Lamb Sire Sale last week and at the end of day results vindicated their apprehension to some degree, when clearance rates fell but the overall average was back by only $46. Read On
Rangeview sale fetches a top of $3400 - 24/10/18
A FEW drops of rain weren’t going to stop buyers from picking out their preferred lots at the annual on-property Rangeview Merino and Poll Merino ram sale at Darkan last week. Read On
Ewes sell to new $239 State record - 24/10/18
A NEW benchmark for spring ewe sales was set two weeks ago at the Landmark Corrigin-Wickepin State Premier Ewe and Wether Lamb sale when prices hit what is believed to be a State record high of $239 for commercial ewes and the sale grossed $1. Read On